Signs your kid is struggling with homework 

Students who find it difficult to cope with homework should get immediate accounting help. The problem is, how can you tell a kid has challenges with their homework? The following are some ways you can use to determine if your kid has difficulty doing their assignments.

  1. Your child refuses to discuss matters concerning school

A clear indication that your kid has a difficult time with accounting homework is when they do not share anything about school. They will actively evade any question you ask about what they learned. Similarly, it can mean they have struggles about a particular subject.

  1. Their attitude towards homework changes.

If your child had an enthusiasm for accounting homework assignments before and then their attitude changes out of the blue, it might be an indication that they have a challenge. Many students will not confess their problems with homework, but instead, they will start developing a negative attitude towards it.

  1. Trouble eating or sleeping

Whenever a child starts having eating disorders, it may not just be a physical problem. Upon further scrutiny, you may find that loss of appetite or sleep is a result of them struggling with homework and school work. They will start feeling stressed, which manifests physically and may end up having long term effects on their lives.

  1. They spend extended periods to complete their homework.

As a parent, you can use the 10 minutes per grade time limit to gauge whether your child has problems. If, for example, a pupil in grade 2 takes one hour to finish their assignments, it means two things: either the assignment was too much, or they have a challenge with the problems given. On average, a student in grade 2 requires 20 minutes to finish their homework. It could be an indication that they need help ASAP.

  1. The class teacher expresses concern.

Most parents easily dismiss what a teacher has to say about their children. It is mostly true, especially when they report things contrary to what you know about your child. It is essential to acknowledge that teachers spend more time with your kid while in school than you do. Teachers provide the same content to all students in a classroom; therefore, they can tell whether your child has challenges. Struggling in classwork means they will have a more significant challenge when it comes to completing their homework.

  1. They misbehave while at school. 

Misbehaving in school may be a way your child uses to seek attention. They may generally lose track of their goals, and they start being reckless as they feel they aren’t education-worthy. Being arrogant and a bully may be a way to fill the void they have. Children often don’t dare to speak up, and even when they gain that courage, they may fail to know how to express themselves.

  1. They don’t ask for help when doing homework. 

You may think students are comfortable doing homework on their own, but the real reason they aren’t asking for help is that they fear looking dumb before you. A child may suppress the need to ask questions when tackling assignments for fear of judgment. It may be as a result of past experiences or just general fear.


Determining whether your kid has challenges with their homework is essential when you want to give them the necessary help they deserve. Find out soon enough and seek relevant help.